Puerto Madryn

Located on the Atlantic coast, it is the gateway to Argentina's amazing marine life. From whales and penguins to elephant seals, this destination is a paradise for lovers of marine life and nature.


Puerto Madryn 3 Days & 2 Nights

Discover the charm of downtown, enjoy the coast and local gastronomy. Immerse yourself in the wonder of Peninsula Valdes with whale watching and visit Punta Norte Reserve. Conclude with the unique experience of seeing penguins at Punta Tombo.


Dolphin Adventure in Puerto Madryn

Enjoy an exciting nautical journey in search of the charming Dark Dolphins. From the Luis Piedrabuena Pier, we will sail through the Nuevo Gulf to witness these majestic mammals in their natural habitat. A unique experience to marvel at marine life in the wild.

Whale Watching

Enjoy an exciting whale watching excursion from Puerto Piramides, 100 km from Puerto Madryn. With specialized captains and crew, you will learn about the marine ecosystem and the biological cycle of whales, from mating to raising calves. An unforgettable naturalistic experience.

Peninsula Valdes

Discover the Valdes Peninsula from Puerto Piramides, where whale watching tours depart to the sea. Visit the Interpretation Center and enjoy the rich marine life, including sea lions and elephant seals, as well as Magellanic penguins. You can also spot orcas and explore the local terrestrial fauna.

Nautical Tour in Puerto Piramides

During the tour, you can witness fascinating moments such as births and fights between male Alpha whales. You can also listen to the sounds of sea lions and spot various seabirds. Additionally, you have the option to snorkel to explore the underwater ecosystem.

Punta Tombo

The largest colony of Magellanic penguins in South America. From the coast, you can spot seagulls, skuas, giant petrels, cormorants, and oystercatchers, as well as typical species of the steppe such as guanacos, rheas, maras, foxes, and more.

Florentino Ameghino Dam

An engineering marvel set in a landscape of astonishing natural beauty. Explore trails that reveal the history of the ancient inhabitants of the region and discover fascinating caves with testimonies of the past.

Lower Chubut River Valley

Explore the Puerto Rawson with the option to spot toninas. In Trelew, visit the MEF Paleontological Museum to see dinosaur fossils and enjoy a historical-cultural tour in Gaiman, with the opportunity to try the traditional Welsh Tea.

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